Little Baddow Churches
Pet Service
Towards the end of October a good number of four legged creatures gathered in Little Baddow Church on one of the last sunny Sunday afternoons. 
A beautiful Saluki graced the occasion together with a rather shy and retiring cat.  Guinea Pigs and Rabbits sensed the moment nervously.  The Spaniel growled just the once as an unwelcome nose approached from the rear and came too close for comfort. Holly joined in with a ‘Yap yap’ as I welcomed those present and introduced the first song. 
 Our pets have so much to give and there is so much to learn from God’s wide and various creations. 
We went into the Churchyard for the second part of the Pet Service where we thanked God for each and every animal present and one that was remembered fondly.
Let us never forget to give thanks for the little blessings in life whose presence we often take for granted.
Click on link below for the video: