Little Baddow Churches

I'm Alison Buchanan, and I'm the Pastoral   Assistant of our church. I would like to share with you my recent article in our parish magazine

St. Paul had a thorn in his side. We are not told what form it took, but there is no question that it was debilitating and he was not healed of it.
I too had a thorn in my side which I struggled with for thirty years while trying to earn my living as a carer. I was in constant fear of losing that job until one day when in crisis, it was suggested I do Paul Mckenna’s instant confidence course.
The Lord healed me through the work of this man, and with relief and gratitude I set about doing the Lord’s will at all times. This has taken me on a journey firstly to St Mary’s Little Baddow where I was confirmed ten years ago, and later to my work as volunteer with victim support, helping people through the trauma of crime.
After some years with the church I felt inspired to do the Christian studies course run by the diocese and this kept me busy and excited for two years.
For those with a sense of vocation there were other courses of training to follow, and I joined what my tutor called the walking wounded into the Pastoral Assistants 
The course is very practical, learning basic skills in Pastoral Care and we were encouraged constantly to be reflecting on life and situations. It included a placement which was to take you into unfamiliar surroundings, and once again the Lord showed me a new scene, with the Chelmsford streetpastors. This was a culture shock, tramping the streets of Chelmsford at night, helping the youngsters out of their predicaments.
The training and further course in apologetics has taught me a lot about the youth culture of today and how it has developed.
Finally I was commissioned by the church as Pastoral Assistant in the parish of 
Little Baddow and will be seeking to support the sick, the lonely,the bereaved, and indeed anyone in crisis.
If you would like confidential support in any way, please contact Alison at