Little Baddow Churches
Letters from Umpium

We would like to thank you for your continued support to our Kaw Moo Rah or Wang Kha High School as evidenced by your recent donation of 199,216.00 Thai Currency (One hundred and ninety nine thousand, two hundred and sixteen bath).
Because of your Church members and the villagers’ generosity, we are able to further school in bettering the lives of children in refugee camp.

Your commitment to helping refugee Teachers in our community weather the crises in their lives is appreciated by those who help them and, most importantly, by those who benefit from the services. I attached the photos of school celebrating Karen New Year and Christmas and receipt of donation.
I will post the hard copy with one DVD of our school celebrating Karen New Year this year to you tomorrow. In the DVD there is also some photos of giving donation, that you gave, to the teachers.

Again, many thanks for your support. It means the world to us and all of the teachers and students who are in Kaw Moo Rah High School.
Saw Daniel and Naree on behalf of Kaw Moo Rah High School