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We try to give 10% of our income to charities each year
and as well as Umpium we give to:
CHESS (Churches,Homeless,Emergency,Support, Scheme),

When Japan joined the second world war the Burmese government took their side. Some ethnic groups stayed loyal to the British Crown and went on to form the backbone of the Burmese Rifles who helped guide Wingate's Chindits hack their way through the jungle in an attempt to disrupt the Japanese supply lines.  One of these groups, the Karen, have paid the price ever since and the lucky ones now live in refugee camps on the Thai border. 

Burma is ruled by a repressive military junta, which shows little desire to improve the rights and living conditions of its poverty-stricken people.Not only is it hard for ordinary citizens to earn a living, it is becoming increasingly dangerous for some people to continue living there at all.


Members of certain ethnic groups are particularly at risk - especially the Karen, who live in areas of conflict between the military and rebel fighters.

Many people from these groups have fled across the Thai border, and are now living in refugee camps.

There are three main camps around Mae Sot - Mae La, Noe Po and Umpium. Together, they are home to about 97,500 people.

Many camp residents - particularly the recent arrivals - are just grateful for a safe place to stay and food to eat.

We have been involved in supporting the Umpium camp for many years. Our support helps pay for their 170 strong teaching staff.